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Earth Day

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This week, on 22nd April, millions of people around the world are coming together to show their support for the environment and our planet. Earth Day is about shining a light on the environmental problems we are facing and highlighting the urgency for stronger climate action. 

We’re passionate about looking after our planet, and many of our retailers have found lots of ways to help do this. Here are some of our favourite initiatives.


The environment is the heart of the Lush ethos, from their cruelty free, ethical products to their naked packaging. As the brand continues to grow, they are committed to becoming even more sustainable and driving positive change. Lush saves nearly six million plastic bottles globally each year from selling ‘naked’ shampoo bars alone. In 2021 they even introduced a ‘BRING IT BACK’ scheme which means you can return Lush plastic packaging to their stores for recycling. Every Lush empty gets you 50p towards your next shop. A fantastic example of doing retail right.


Shoes are extremely hard to recycle. They are a complex hybrid of different plastics, fibres and other materials. This is why replacing the sole of your shoes and giving them a new life is a way of reducing waste and saving the environment. Timpsons in-store shoe repair services is a simple but effective way to do your bit. They can rebuild a shoe from the ground up, giving them a new life and reducing waste.

Wholesome Junkies

“Our aim is to save the planet, one dish at a time”

Wholesome Junkies in the Arndale Market is an example of how you can save the planet whilst still enjoying tasty food. They take familiar dishes and make them 100% plant based. There are multiple environmental benefits to a plant based diet including reducing water and land use, slowing deforestation and lowering levels of pollution to name a few. Wholesome Junkies isn’t just saving the planet through plant-based foods, the team behind the vegan delightfulness also sell eco tote bags, made from 85% soft organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester that’s kind to people, the environment and animals.


The Body Shop are serious about sustainability and their range of cruelty-free and vegan products sends a clear message. The Body Shop is currently working to develop zero waste packaging. More than 68% of their packaging is technically recyclable but by 2025 they aim to have all their bath, body and hair care products fully recyclable. In 2019 they also launched a ‘Return, Recycle, Repeat’ scheme which lets you return all your empty packaging to the store to be recycled and repurposed.


Swatch has just launched a brand new BIOCERAMIC watch made up of a mix of 2/3 ceramic and 1/3 bio-sourced plastic. Bio-based plastics are made in whole or partially from renewable biological resources. These plastics have a reduced use of fossil fuel resources, a smaller carbon footprint and faster decomposition. A great example of promoting sustainability in an innovative and exciting way.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters believe in rediscovering and reinventing sustainable sourced vintage pieces and upcycling them, giving them a new life. Their Urban Renewal initiative is dedicated to keeping textile waste out of landfill. Their team hand-pick vintage clothing from their recycling partner, uncovering rare, one-of-a-kind pieces which are unwanted and giving them new life. They save 135,000 pieces of clothing every year in the UK alone which would otherwise go to landfill. You can shop their vintage and urban renewal clothing in their Manchester Arndale store now.