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Centre Of

Manchester has everything, and we’re the proof.

The Heart of The City

We’re the biggest inner-city shopping centre in the country. And we couldn’t be prouder to call Manchester our home. There’s the nightlife, the sport, the long legacy of art and music… The energy of Market Street and Exchange Square. There’s so much going on. It sure does keep us on our toes.

But it also means that we’re just a couple of minutes from a great gig. A gorgeous hotel. A walk along the banks of the River Irwell. Manchester shopping couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. You might not even need to step outside our doors; we have countless stores and pit-stops to keep you satisfied. From electronics and clothes to restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world, Manchester Arndale is a whole day out.

Our History

From the beginning, the Arndale was about more than just Manchester shopping. Our founders – the Arndale Property Trust – knew there was something missing not just from the city, but the UK in general. Plans were drawn for a huge, revolutionary retail space, and the Centre was built between 1971 and 1979. It opened in stages, with an official ceremony attended by HRH Princess Royal in 1979.

Since then, we’ve welcomed iconic architecture, facilities and illuminating clear glass design. Yet the iconic Arndale Tower is the same as ever. We’re as much of an institution as Johnny Marr or Emmeline Pankhurst. Maybe it’s best if we let a local voice sum it up.

40 Years Ode To The Arndale - by Mike Garry

The heart of the city since ‘79 Tiles that go for miles Palm tree fountains and an Aviary Birds and Bees buzzing Inner city living before Tony
Wilson invented it
Johnny Marr sweeping up in
Stolen from Ivor
Everything imaginable within
an indoor market
And all the show that we
loved along the way
Warner Bros, Woolworths and C&A Exit down a concrete heater skelter drop Bus station, pedestrianisation
then a tram stop
Pop star smiles in HMV and Rowntree’s cafe for a Chippy Tea Washed down with a pint in John Willie Lees Then, we built new bridges to new worlds The Next Chapter, The New Looks
with a nod to the past
40 years and standing strong
through sunshine snow and rain
And looking forward to serving you for another 40 years again

Giving Back, Because It Makes Sense

Why celebrate the city if we can’t help it thrive around us? Our charity and community partnerships are a big part of Manchester Arndale’s philosophy. From education to sport, the arts and social support, we host fundraising and awareness activities to help those in need.

Look out for new events coming up in our calendar. Or instead, tell us all about an organisation you think we should get behind. Find out more below and get in touch.

Explore our community work

A truly wonderful day at Manchester Arndale shopping, lunching and making memories with my daughter and granddaughter”

- Ann, Stalybridge