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Too Good
To Go

Too Good To Go has a simple mission: to make sure all food gets eaten, not wasted. We’re proud to partner with them at Manchester Arndale and you’ll find many of our food & drink outlets available on their app offering reduced food.

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What’s it all about?

In 2016, a group of entrepreneurs witnessed restaurant staff throwing away fresh food. The food’s only problem? It hadn’t sold in time and no one was around to take it off the restaurant’s hands. The group pioneered a seamless solution: an app that lists businesses’ unsold food so YOU can find, buy, collect and enjoy it.

Now, thousands of Magic Bags are rescued from retailers, restaurants, cafes, producers, pubs and bakeries every day, including 17 outlets in Manchester Arndale.

Alongside its 19,000 partners, Too Good To Go has saved over 10 million meals from going to waste in the UK. The success of the app powers Too Good To Go’s wider efforts to drive a food waste movement, working with schools, industries and governments to build a planet-friendly food system.

Did you know… 

We throw away 3.1 million glasses of milk a day in the UK? That means that every 9 days we waste enough to fill the Manchester Ship Canal. 

The UK bins 20 million slices of bread a day. That’s almost 3,000 times the height of the Arndale tower.  

The UK wastes 4.4 million potatoes a day. That’s the equivalent weight of 19 Manchester trams.  

Because of Too Good To Go, you’ve helped Manchester Arndale save 4 tonnes of food going to waste. That’s the equivalent of 10.3 tonnes of saved CO2, charging 1.8 million smartphones, or the CO2 of 37 flights from Manchester to Berlin. 

How does the Too Good To Go app work?  

Instead of throwing food away when it hits its ‘Best Before’ date, or gets close to its ‘Use By date’, businesses can pack the produce into ‘Magic Bags’ for Too Good To Go users to buy, collect and enjoy. 

As a customer, all you need to do is: 

  • Download the Too Good To Go app for free.
  • Take a look at what is available nearby, purchase a Magic Bag through the app and collect it within the allotted collection window.

You don’t know exactly what food or drink you’re going to receive until it arrives – and that’s all part of the fun! 

Which Manchester Arndale retailers are involved?