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Spice Up Your Autumn

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Eating hot, spicy food can lift your mood – and that’s not just us saying it. Researchers have found that chilli peppers contain chemicals that give us a bit of a boost. So don’t let cold, dark days get you down – use it as a good excuse to sample some of the spicy delights on offer at here. Time to turn up the heat.

Burrito with spicy beef – Barburrito

Mexican cuisine is colourful, nutritious and, yes, it packs some heat. Our amigos at Barburrito pride themselves on using the finest possible ingredients with skill and passion. Like the beans simmered slowly in cumin, onions and tomatoes. Or the meats marinated for over 24 hours in a secret spice mix. It all adds up to a lot of flavour. Grab a loaded burrito with spicy shredded beef and side of fries with chipotle mayo dip.

Our verdict: authentic Mexico, on the go.

Wing roulette – Nandos

You don’t need a degree in peri-peri-atrics to know that Nandos is your go-to destination for spicy, flame-grilled chicken. Made from the hot African bird’s eye chilli, their PERI-PERI sauce has become the stuff of legends. The good news is, there’s always the handy PERI-ometer to adjust the spice level to your liking. Or you can live a little dangerously and order the wing roulette. With 10 randomly-spiced succulent chicken wings, it’s definitely a dish for the daring.

Our verdict: go on, spin the wing roulette wheel.

Sweet chilli prawns and rice – Chopstix

For a fast, fresh, nutritious takeaway, check out what’s on offer at Chopstix Noodle Bar. From tasty thai curry chicken to yummy veg noodles, their take on Pan-Asian cuisine means plenty of tang. For a delicious spicy seafood treat, dive into a box of sweet chilli prawns served on a bed of aromatic rice. And if you’ve still got a gap to fill, grab some salt and pepper potatoes, wok-fried in a special chilli, salt and pepper mix.

Our verdict: fast, fresh Pan-Asian fusion.

Naked Chicken Taco with Lava sauce – Taco Bell

It started as a drive-in hot dog and hamburger stand in California, around 100 miles north of the Mexican border. It became one of the world’s best-loved fast food chains, serving crowd-pleasing, Mexican-inspired food. If you like your food with a bit of a kick and tonnes of flavour, you’ll love Taco Bell. Our pick is the Naked Chicken Taco with tongue-tingling Lava sauce (the wild not mild option) – and a side of cheesy topped fries with cooling sour cream.

Our verdict: go wild, not mild.

Dynamite sushi roll – YO!Sushi

Yo! If you’re a fan of Japanese food, you’ll know the name – and probably the stylish restaurants with their sleek conveyor belts and colour-coded dishes. There’s plenty for all palates – it’s not all sushi and it’s not all spicy (unless you’re a bit careless with the wasabi). But if it’s spice you want, help yourself to a dynamite sushi roll featuring salmon, chilli oil and avocado rolled in crispy onions. Topped with sriracha sauce and mayo, it’s a zinger. And for back-up, add some spicy pepper cauliflower.

Our verdict: moreish, tasty Japanese – but go easy on the wasabi unless you’re feeling really brave.

Ginger Tonic – Boost Juice Bars

How about a boost of a different sort with a juice or smoothie from the fresh fruit fanatics at Boost Juice? To change it up a bit, go for the Ginger Tonic, a tantalizing blend of coconut water, grapes, apple, ginger, cucumber, kale, mint and ice. Super-nutritious, tangy and tasty – what more could you ask for?

Our verdict: loads of nutritional kick packed into one drink.