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Your City, Your Centre

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Whether you’re born and bred or have adopted the city as your own, Mancunians are justifiably proud of this city, and we’re proud to sit right at the heart of it. Our latest campaign showcases local people and their different experiences of living, working and shopping in Manchester.


Nathan is a photographer living in Piccadilly and is known in the city for his artistic shots of Manchester. 90% of the time you will find him with his camera capturing the city and the beautiful architecture within it. One building that often features in Nathan’s work is our very own Arndale Tower. He describes the Tower as ‘iconic’ and finds that people looking at his prints will comment on the Tower as something that instantly reminds them of Manchester.

When shopping for clothes, the Arndale is the first port of call for Nathan, often shopping in Uniqlo and Urban Outfitters. He visits the centre a few times a week, taking a break from capturing photos and grabbing a bite to eat in the food court.

To Nathan, the Arndale is a constant in the city with other places and buildings around it constantly changing – “The Arndale really is that part of Manchester that is always there”.

He describes the Centre as friendly, exciting and home.

Jen and Josie

Jen and Josie are a mother and daughter duo living in Denton. Jen is a student midwife and mother to two sons aged 3 and 5. Josie, who is now retired, describes herself as an ‘on-call babysitter’ to her beautiful grandkids. Jen and Josie will often come shopping in the Arndale together, leaving with lots of shopping bags – “We would come home and hide our shopping bags from our husbands in our laundry baskets!”

Jen has grown up visiting the Arndale from a young age. Her fondest memory is an annual birthday shopping trip with her mum where she would be spoilt with presents. She loves a day out shopping with the girls, often shopping in New Look and Pandora, followed by drinks in Spinningfields. When shopping for kids clothes Jen will shop in River Island or Next. When she first found out she was pregnant, the first place she went for baby clothes was Next in the Arndale.

Josie remembers the Arndale from the 70s. She always brought her kids shopping here when they were younger and now takes her grandchildren at least twice a year for a special visit. When visiting the city, she likes to take her grandchildren to ChinaTown, the Northern Quarter and finish at the Arndale before making her way home. Josie’s favourite thing about the Centre is that all the shops are in one place. She likes to keep up with trends “and keep up with Jen” when buying her clothes, often shopping in River Island, Next and All Saints.

Jen and Josie describe the Arndale as busy, lively and fun.

Josie and Kapital

Josie and Kaptial are a married couple living in Manchester with their baby. Josie works at an advertising agency and Kapital is a music artist, as well as owner and CEO of creative agency, The Kapital Group.

Josie moved to Manchester 10 years ago. Her earliest memory of Manchester was the first week she moved here as a student with only one suitcase. The perfect day in Manchester for Josie would be walking through the city’s gardens, shopping in the Arndale whilst grabbing a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s, before heading to the Northern Quarter for prosecco and a bite to eat. Josie loves to keep her step count up walking around town.

Kapital remembers the Arndale from years ago back in his school days. He is fond of market street and would burn his own mixtapes and CDs and sell them every weekend. His office is in town and he would often go shopping on his lunch break to see people and check out the ‘vibe’. 95% of his lunches throughout the week are from the Arndale.

Josie describes the Arndale as the heart of Manchester.

Kapital describes the Arndale as always changing.

Connor, Steven & George

Connor and Steven are partners and parents to 4-year-old George and live in Leigh. Connor works in insurance and Steven is a healthcare worker, as well as doing floristry on the side. They describe their visits to the Arndale as not your usual shopping experience. They visit for enjoyment and will always treat themselves when they shop. You can find Connor and Steven shopping in TK Maxx, Lush, HomeSense and New look or shopping for George in The Lego Store.

To them, fashion is very versatile; one day Conor might choose to wear a women’s jumpsuit or women’s jeans – “it’s all about what you deem to be classy or what you feel like rocking that day”. They will both often swap clothes and wear items from each other’s wardrobes. In his early years of shopping at the Arndale, Connor would experiment with make-up buying products and skincare from Superdrug. He loves a self care session, and is up for trying anything – “I remember being 18 and going to a fish foot spa on the top floor of the Arndale!”.

As a same-sex family, Connor and Steven feel Manchester is so welcoming and the people here have good values. During trips into the city, they will often take George along Canal Street showing him the rainbow flags and G-A-Y where his dads met.

Connor describes the Arndale as fun, convenient and stylish.

Steven describes the Arndale as busy, eccentric and a full day out.