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Auntie Anne’s Taste Test

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It’s impossible to walk past Auntie Anne’s without being drawn to the mouth-watering aroma of the freshly baked pretzels, so we decided to visit Auntie Anne’s to taste some of the finest pretzels in town, without also forgetting to indulge our taste buds in their selection of shakes and ice cream!

All of the meat pretzels shown below are halal and the sugar and salted pretzels are vegan, so if you feel you might miss out, Auntie Anne’s has got you covered!  After an afternoon scoffing our faces, we left full, but with smiles on our faces and after tasting all the deliciousness Auntie Anne’s has to offer.

First on the taste test, was the Cinnamon Pretzel…

All Auntie Anne’s products are made to order, so their cinnamon classic pretzel was soft and warm straight from the oven, which will draw you in from a mile off! The sugary snack has a fluffy texture with a hint of cinnamon which is not overpowering. Would highly recommend this firm favourite!

Mini Dogs

These cute little snacks were also served hot from the oven! Combining the beloved pretzel with a yankee hot dog is a luscious concoction and tastes rather nice! They are perfect for sharing or accompanying the different pretzels Anne’s has to offer and is a snack that can be ordered with some cheese sauce, which transcends it to new levels.

Jalapeno Pretzel

Now, Auntie Anne has got the brains, seeing a gap in the pretzel market to add some spice into the mix and get exotic! Well, the jalapeno pretzel is here to leave that satisfying heat in your mouth making you squint and squirm at times but trust me, it’s worth it! This is best served with some of that bad boy cheese sauce on the side. Bon Appetit!

Jalapeno & Cheese Pretzel Dog

For all those cheese lovers out there that also crave some of that jalapeno fire, then this pretzel dog is the one for you! Packed with 3 different cheeses and accompanied with a marinara sauce to add that ‘arrrrrrriba’ element to your day.

Chocolate Gelato Milkshakes

The new selection of milkshakes are delicious, bursting with flavour and being created fresh in front of you. All of their milkshakes are made from Gelato ice cream. We opted for the original chocolate.

Gelato Ice Cream

Getting through to dessert was a struggle but we pushed through for some of that sweet gelato!

They have an array of ice cream choices on offer including, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Oreo, Vanilla, Bubblegum and many more. We opted for Bubblegum and Cookie Dough!