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Keeping you safe & well during your visit

Shopping at Manchester Arndale is a little different at the moment. Find out what we’re doing to help keep you safe.

Our priority is the safety of everyone who visits and works at Manchester Arndale – nothing is more important to us. Our teams will continue to work hard to make sure the centre is clean and safe.

What measures are in place?

Face Coverings

Although face coverings are no longer mandatory under government guidance, we would encourage people to wear face coverings when visiting the centre. We will continue to follow government guidelines and advice from Public Health England and will work to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Please be aware that individual retailers may have their own policies when it comes to face coverings.

We do also ask that everyone is respectful of each other’s personal choices.

Hand sanitisation

We have hand sanitisation points throughout the centre. Please make use of these as you wish when visiting. Our toilet facilities have soap and hot water too.


Our staff have been working incredibly hard to keep the centre clean and safe during the COVID-10 pandemic and we are hugely grateful to them. This includes deep cleaning key touchpoints like toilets, door handles, handrails and lift buttons more frequently – this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Please note, due to this enhanced cleaning regime, the toilets at any location may be closed for a deep clean at any one time. If you arrive to find a facility closed, signage will direct you to the nearest available facility.

Marked routes and social distancing

We appreciate that some people may want to maintain social distancing, so we have kept our floor graphics to support this.

Please consider how close to other shoppers you stand (e.g. whilst queuing at the till, or when using the lift) to ensure everyone feels comfortable. Please also consider prioritising shoppers who are less mobile or have pushchairs by using the escalators and stairs during busy periods.

We would ask everyone to continue to follow the one-way systems too. Arrows on the floor at each entrance will help you to do this – but just like on the road, we ask you to please ‘drive on the left’. We hope this will help the flow of people through the Centre and make your visit more enjoyable whilst continuing to help keep people safe.

NHS Test & Trace

Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement to leave details for NHS Test & Trace, the NHS system will continue to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Visitors to the Manchester Arndale Food Court will have the option to leave their details via the NHS app or an alternative system. Cafes and restaurants throughout the Centre may have their own systems in place.


Individual stores may have their own policies on the number of people permitted inside the store at any one time, so you may be asked to queue outside a store during particularly busy times.  Please be considerate of other shoppers who may want to maintain social distancing. We have graphics on the floor outside each store to support this.

Additional reminders

Please do not visit the centre if you are feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID-19.

Some of our retailers may continue to accept card payments only.

Socially distanced seating is still available at key locations throughout the Centre, including Exchange Court and Halle Place.

Our staff are on hand to offer help and answer any additional questions you may have during your visit.


We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and co-operation and to express appreciation to our fantastic team who have continued to work very hard in challenging circumstances.



Page last updated 19/07/21