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Most Wanted!

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10 desirable things to make student life a little better. Getting ready for uni or sixth form is no breeze. But it’s all made a bit easier at Manchester Arndale. Check out our list of must-have items for the ambitious student.

1. The iconic Macbook Air
A good notebook is pretty much essential if you’re studying at uni or sixth form. The latest version of the iconic Macbook Air is a real stunner. With all-day battery life and a shell made from 100% recycled aluminium, it’s lean, green and perfect for the busy student. And if you like to listen while you study, it packs a great set of speakers for streaming music.

Tip: make savings with Apple education pricing
Where to buy: The Apple Store, Currys PC World

2. A powerful PC
If portability’s not your priority, check out the huge range of Windows PCs and Mac desktops at Currys PC World. Choose between all-in-ones or add the monitor of your choice. The great thing is, you can choose a PC that’s just right for you. So if you’re into processor-hungry stuff like gaming, there are higher-end models at great prices. And if looks matter, seek out the super-stylish iMac.

Tip: see what package deals are on offer
Where to buy: Currys PC World, The Apple Store (for iMac)

3. Boots with attitude
What you wear on your feet says so much. The famous Dr Martens boot has stomped its mark on British culture for over 50 years and still captures a spirit of individuality. Drop into the Dr Martens store and pick up a pair of the original boots. Or take a look at some of the very eye-catching contemporary shoes and sandals.

Tip: yes, they do have vegan options
Where to buy: Dr Martens store

Men’s and Women’s Fashion
4. Ethical denim
What you wear isn’t just about how you look. It says something about your values. If you’re into ethical clothing and sustainability, check out H&M’s Conscious range. The clothing is made with as much recycled and organic material as possible. For that modern hippy look, jump into the denim boiler suit or a pair of denim dungarees.

Tip: look out for the green Conscious hangtag instore
Where to buy: H&M

Men’s and Women’s Fashion
5. Designer Gold
No student wardrobe would be complete without a fashion find from TK Maxx. And if you want to pick up one or two high-end garments, look out for the Gold Label. These are high quality designer pieces at great prices, from both well-known and up-and-coming names. If you like designer labels, you’ll love the savings on offer.

Tip: look for the Gold Label
Where to buy: TK Maxx

Men’s and Women’s Fashion
6. Japanese style
Originating in Japan and known for its innovative simplicity, Uniqlo is a natural draw for students. Focussing on form and function, Uniqlo’s take on key ranges – like jeans, coats, hoodies, knitwear and t-shirts – is both stylish and affordable. Our current Uniqlo favourite: the Blocktech Parka.

Tip: a great place to pick up a stylish autumn / winter coat
Where to buy:​ Uniqlo

7. The NutriBullet
In a rush to lectures or classes? It’s good to know you can knock up a smoothie breakfast in next to no time. Just chuck in some chopped fresh fruit or veg, whizz it up and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious smoothie to set you up for the day. And if you’re into cooking, it’s a nifty gadget for making tasty soups and sauces.

Tip: The NutriBullet Magic Bullet model is great value
Where to buy: Argos

Health & Beauty
8. A good hair cut
Bad hair days are, well, bad. But a good hair cut can be a real boost. Whether you want a radical re-style, luscious layers or just a trim, Manchester Arndale has some great options that won’t break the bank. Try Kim Creative, Decent Cut, Supercuts or Sergeant Caesar Barber Shop. And if you need to go longer, try Paul’s Hair & Beauty World for hair extensions.

Tip: Transform your look with hair extensions
Where to go: Kim Creative, Decent Cut, Supercuts, Sergeant Caesar Barber Shop, Paul’s Hair & Beauty World

Sports & Leisure
9. The Nike Air Max 270 React trainer
Trainers are pretty much an essential part of any student’s wardrobe. And the Nike Air Max (available at JD) still sets the standard. Super-stylish, comfortable, with a full-length React foam midsole and Nike’s tallest ever heel unit, the 270 is one big Air. We love it – and we’re not even that sporty.

Tip: big brand trainers also available at Foot Asylum and Sports Direct
Where to buy: JD

10. A smashing repair job – iSmash
Cracked screen? Frozen tablet? Glitchy iPhone? As tech moves on, tech issues seem to stay with us. If you’ve got a problem with a phone, tablet, laptop or PC, it’s not the end of the world. Drop by the highly-rated iSmash to see if they can help. Quite often, their qualified engineers can sort the problem for a fraction of the cost of replacing the device. And if they can, they’ll do it while you wait.

Tip: Don’t despair, ask about a repair!
Where to buy: iSmash