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We Make Arndale

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We want to champion some of the hardworking people at Manchester Arndale and showcase the many different roles that play a part in making the centre what it is!

Meet the retailers….

Ross, Operations Manager at Wolf Street

Ross has worked at Wolf Street since they first opened their Arndale branch two and half years ago. His job role involves looking after all six Wolf stores in the country as well as managing the Arndale site. A career highlight for Ross was being promoted to operations manager after his success in the opening of the Arndale branch.

What do you enjoy most about working at Wolf Street?

The food! I’ve been a manager within the food industry for the best part of a decade and the food here really is the selling point. Everything here is homemade and made fresh on site. I don’t like to work anywhere where I’m not passionate about the product that I’m selling.

Why did Wolf Street decide to come to the Arndale?

The majority of our other sites are in business parks, we wanted to get out into the general public and diversify our portfolio of where our stores are and it’s been successful so far. Here there is an office crowd, but we also then have the general shoppers visiting.

How does Ross describe the Arndale? “Busy, diverse and plenty of delicious food.”

Dana, General Store Manager at Bobo Tea

Dana began working at Bobo Tea when she was a student at Manchester University three years ago. She then progressed to becoming store manager when she realized that her true passion was serving people and running a business. Bobo Tea has provided her with many opportunities. The store has been in the centre for ten years but has recently started to become the go-to place following a bobo tea craze in this country and their bright ice-cream-filled bubble waffles being perfect for Instagram.

What makes Bobo Tea so unique?

The ingredients come from Taiwan, so bringing those flavours to the UK has been a challenge for the owners, but one they have managed! What makes it specifically special is the number of flavours in each drink, it’s almost like a dessert. You can have a Bobo Tea which is creamy and more filling, or you can have one which is lighter and refreshing.

Why did Bobo Tea choose the Arndale?

Bobo Tea is actually the first store of its kind in Manchester. The owner Jackie decided to set it up in the Arndale for its location in the centre of the city as she wanted to bring Bobo tea to the people of Manchester.

Dana’s favourite things about the Arndale…”It’s friendly, upbeat and a base for friends and family to meet.”

April, Store Manager at Costa Coffee

April has been the store manager at Costa Coffee for the past seven years. She started as a part-time barista and fell in love with the job, upskilling herself in coffee making and progressing up to barista maestro. April has completed multiple courses in leadership and thoroughly enjoys her role as Store Manager.

What has been a career highlight for you working at Costa?

There have been so many but a big highlight for me is when I was first asked to do a photoshoot for Costa’s marketing campaign. As I have concentrated so much on making the perfect coffee, I have gotten to the standard that they use my coffees to be photographed for marketing and the boards you see in Costa.

How has your role adapted in the past year?

It’s been a very challenging year. I have had to show strong leadership to keep the team engaged and happy as it has been difficult for everyone. The year has been completely different to what we are normally used to, it has thrown so many challenges my way. Adapting to social distancing, track and trace and wearing masks – we’ve had to evolve as a coffee shop.

How does April describe the Arndale… “great atmosphere, the centre of the city and the best people”

Rhian, Clinic Franchisee at Laser Clinics

Rhian first joined Laser Clinics five years ago when she lived in Australia. She joined as a therapist and worked her way up to manager, then area manager and is now clinic franchisee. Her role includes overseeing the operation of the clinic, looking after staff and customers and running the day-to-day in-store. Rhian opened the Arndale branch back in July 2020.

How does it feel to have the store and centre fully open?

Amazing and such a relief! It’s so good to be back. It was a bit nerve-wracking before reopening, making sure we had everything prepared and that the staff and customers felt comfortable coming into the store. But it’s worked out really well and the plans are running smoothly.

Have you missed your clients?

Yes definitely! It’s so good to see them coming in because they’re so happy to be here. It’s so nice to see they were as excited to be back as we were.

What does Rhian think of the Arndale? “Bright, happy and full of potential.”


Elliot is the store manager at Sergeant Caesar and has worked at the barber shop for nearly three years. The store is located inside Next and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 

How does it feel to have the store open again?

Wonderful! It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as when the store is closed you carry a lot of pressure, not knowing when things are going to open again and what’s going to happen. The support hasn’t been consistent in our sector and a lot of barbers have been overlooked because of the way we operate which has been difficult for a lot of us, but to be back open is the best thing in the world. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Sergeant Ceasar Barbers?

The banter and the people. We have great clients and it’s always a good laugh and a wonderful time. Sergeant Caesars is more like a social club rather than a barbers as people come in to have a chat, unwind and have a drink as well as have their hair cut. I never worry about how the day is going to go, I come in and I’m relaxed. It’s just a good vibe!

How does Elliot describe the Arndale? “it’s a mix of people, lots of fun and good vibes.”