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Random Objects of Kindness



Through trials that tested the very core of Graham’s existence, Jimi Hendrix’s music became a steadfast companion. From the darkest hours of loss and despair to the triumph of self-discovery, this is a story of how one artist’s creations became a lifeline to another.

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A pivotal moment at Moss Side’s Pepperhill Pub is the start of Joe’s remarkable journey from a chaotic life of crime and despair to one of resilience and purpose.

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 “There is a way out. There is hope.”

Amidst struggles with dyslexia and societal prejudice, Haydn’s journey unfolds from the urgency of teenage parenthood to the depths of street homelessness. A gift of a guitar becomes a beacon of hope, igniting a remarkable path fuelled by love and the transformative power of music.

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“I felt dirty, alone and scared” OR “All I wanted was to do was go home”

From the cherished warmth of her grandma’s house to the heart-wrenching displacement that tore their family apart. This story traces a journey of resilience, ultimately leading to the creation of Coffee 4 Craig, where the simple act of offering clean underwear becomes a symbol of dignity and self-esteem.

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In the face of adversity, the power of music and a mother’s love are a constant. This powerful story takes us from the despair of street homelessness to the respite of a mother and daughter playing piano side by side.

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From making life-changing decisions to a decade of relentless perseverance, Amy’s journey begins in Shelter accommodation, where the independence of owning a fridge marked an important turning point.

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“You can’t put a price on people’s lives.”

A random meeting on New Year’s Eve for Dave, a committed police officer, brings up issues about the complexities of homelessness, media exposure, and its repercussions.

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“We often have a lot more hope for the people walking through our doors, than they do for themselves” OR “When you shut the door on the snow or the frost, you’re aware that there will be somebody out in the cold”

Neil opens a door onto a safe and welcoming space, providing a beacon of hope during the darkest of times.

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An encounter with a tiny kitten, the runt of the litter, paves a way towards love and connection. A journey that defies past scars and emotional barriers.

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“I was worth it. I wasn’t just a need or a crisis” OR “I’d been seen. I’d been heard. I’d been believed.”

Can a small act of kindness change a life? Colette takes us on a journey of transformation, where a rare moment of celebration and genuine recognition becomes a powerful turning point.

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