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All The Little Things We’ve Missed

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2020 hasn’t been the way we all planned, but we’re back and we’re more excited than ever to see the friendly faces of all our local shoppers, quick coffee grabbers, regular lunch breakers and visitors from further afield; we’ve missed you all.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that Manchester Arndale is a safe and clean place for you to enjoy. We want you to rest assured that we’re following Government guidelines to support the national efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. So when you visit the centre you’ll notice a few things are different, and you can find more information on the measures that we have in place here.

Whilst your safety is our absolute priority, making sure you enjoy your time at Manchester Arndale is our passion. We’re here to offer those little experiences that we so often took for granted before – we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Eating Out

Your old favourites are still here, your morning latte from Caffe Nero, your lunchtime burrito fix from Barburrito, and those incredibly sweet-smelling cinnamon rolls from Rollers cafe which are impossible to walk past without picking one (or two) up. They’re all still here, and taste just as good as before. (If not better, as you won’t have to cook it, bake it, pour it, or wrap it yourself!)

If like us you’ve been dreaming of ordering off a menu and enjoying a meal which hasn’t come out of your fridge, then come down to Nando’s for a proper sit-down meal. No messing, just a good old Nando’s, with no washing up, imagine!

The Things We Took For Granted

Grabbing a quick lunch on the go, nipping into your favourite coffee shop for your usual, picking up some treats for the housemates, all these daily rituals used to seem so mundane and insignificant, but they’re now the most exciting things in our diaries! There’s nothing quite like a spot of people watching, a quick mooch around the shops, or watching the world go by as you enjoy your mid-morning latte. So pop down to the centre to enjoy all those little things that we took for granted for before. Trust us, it’s good for the soul.


If you’re anything like us, we’ve spent much less time on our physical grooming routines over the past few months. Our hair straighteners have been collecting dust and our eyelashes have forgotten what Mascara feels like. Not any more, we’re back, with new skincare routines and fresh nails, ready for the real world. To get a helping hand, take a trip to Morphe where their Beauty Experts will be on hand to help with your make-up and beauty questions, they are also offering product demonstrations, with staff showing you how to apply the products using themselves as models! Head to The Body Shop to treat yourself to some new skincare products, it’s been a tough few months for us all, you deserve a little bit of self-care and pampering.


If the new office zoom call is anything to go by, a lot of us have let our fashion standards slip. (Who knew spring 2020 would be the season of the vest top and 5-year-old joggers) We’re longing to get dressed up, or just put on something even a little bit special. It’s been nice to revisit our favourite shops again and treat our wardrobes to some new bits. Our video calls just got a little more productive!

So whilst your shopping experience with us may be somewhat different to when you last visited us, we’re still here, still cracking on and still eating those cinnamon rolls. We’d love you to join us in our new normal, it’s a little different but we’ll still guarantee you a warm welcome and a decent day out.