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Our Staff Stories

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It’s been so great to see so many customers returning to the centre over the past few weeks, we’re starting to get that lovely buzz back and we couldn’t be happier to see you all enjoying your trips to the centre.

The Arndale has been open throughout lockdown, providing essential services for our customers, such as pharmaceuticals and food. However, as you’ll know, the large majority of our stores were closed, so not only could you not get your shopping done, many of our staff couldn’t come to work. Now we’re all partial to the odd moan about going to work, but gosh, we’re sure you’ll agree that the past few months have been a game-changer in terms of making us all appreciate the little things. The retailers, stylists, stallholders, sales assistants, baristas, chefs and store managers are over the moon to be back on the shop floor. We spoke to a small selection of them to get their thoughts on the #ArndaleLittleThings that they have missed most.

Michael at Supercuts

I’ve really missed all our customers and I was so excited to come back and see old faces, and new ones! I’ve missed catching up with our regulars, but it’s been great to see them again and help out with some of the lockdown hair disasters! There were a few home DIY disaster tales!

It’s been great to be back to see everyone again and hear all their different stories, new hobbies and ways people have coped during lockdown.

Mark /Handsfords

We have a lot of regulars, they’re not like customers, they’re friends, so I’ve really missed seeing them. For example, Fred, he’s really well known around the market, he’s 78 and I haven’t been able to catch up with him every day like I used to. I’ve got his phone number though, so I’ve been checking in with him, and just hope to see him soon. It’s work, but it’s more like a social life for me here. I miss the interaction, the banter with customers.

Jen / Dune

Mostly, I’ve missed the team. We kept in touch, but it’s not the same as seeing everyone day in, day out. We’re like a little family along with some of the staff members from other stores close to us, so I’ve really missed seeing everyone. Of course, I’ve missed the customers and just the general daily chit chats you get to have.

It’s been so great to be back, we’ve all been really excited to re-open and get some normality and routine back. I’ve found that because customers generally have more time and aren’t in a rush, we have more conversations and closer connections with customers which I’ve absolutely loved. We get to provide a more personalised service, so much so that we’ve even had letters in from customers thanking us for our service as well as the safety measures we now have in place.

Rebecca / Lindt

Customers now seem to have more time, so it’s been so lovely to get to chat more and interact with them. All our customers have been so understanding and on board with all the new safety measures, so it’s been great to see that support and positivity. I’ve loved coming back to work and seeing all my team members again, really missed them, and I’ve really missed just having a little wander on my break!

Jacob / Lego

We have a lot of regular customers, who have Lego projects underway at home, and they’ll often come in and show us photos and show us how they’re progressing. So it’s been so great to be back and start to see the familiar faces again and catch up on their projects. I’ve missed seeing the customers and just having those general chats with everyone. I’m so happy to be back in a routine and also there are so many new products which were launched over lockdown, so that’s really exciting for me!

We hope you’ll pop in to have a chat with our lovely retailers, no more zooms, just real face to face chats. We look forward to welcoming you back 🙂